Origami Crane Earrings

Good Luck Origami Paper Crane Folded Earrings


These earrings feature hand-folded cranes made of beautiful origami paper with an accent bead on the top. .According to legend, folding 1000 paper cranes grants you a wish! Cranes always come as a pair so they make a great symbolic, cute and unique gift.

These origami earrings are the art of paper folding. Each individual piece is unique. They are folded from the same sheet of paper, but each crane has slightly different patterns. Through the art of origami, the paper is hand folded into the shape of a traditional Japanese crane.

The paper crane earrings measures approximately 1.97 inches in height and 0.98 inches in width. To increase their lifespan it is recommended that they be sprayed lightly with a lacquer or fixatif to preserve the color and shape.